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2018 9th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications

(CCEA 2018)


2017 8th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications
(CCEA 2017), Hong Kong, June 25-27, 2017

Micromechanics Modelling on the Elastic Properties of Chopped Fibre Reinforced Composites
Hui Liu, Fengrui Liu, Jia Xue and Liying Jiang
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, The University of Western, Canada

Low-cost Growth of Magnesium Doped Gallium Nitride Thin Films by Sol-Gel Spin Coating Method
Sha Shiong Ng and Mohd Amin NurFahana
Institute of Nano Optoelectronics Research and Technology (INOR), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia


2016 7th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications
(CCEA 2016), Shanghai, China, July 7-9, 2016


EIAs andEnvironmental Protection: Evidence from the mining sector, Zimbabwe
Abbyssinia Mushunje
University of Fort Hare, SOUTH AFRICA



Mosquito Larvicidal Activity of Triazole Type Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis Inhibitors

Keimei Oh, Haruka Kamada, Kazuhiro Yamada, and Yuko Yoshizawa

Akita Prefectural University, Japan


2015 6th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications
(CCEA 2015), Hong Kong, August 27-28, 2015


The Fit Consideration of the Denture Manufactured by 3D Printing and Sintering

Shinn-Liang Chang, Cheng-Hsun Lo, Cho-Pei Jiang, and Dai-Jia Juan

Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Formosa University, Taiwan



Optimization of a Solvay-Based Approach for CO2 Capture 

Ameera F. Mohammad, Muftah H. El-Naas, Mabruk I. Suleiman, and Mohamed Al Musharfy

United Arab Emirates University, UAE


2014 5th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications
(CCEA 2014), Taipei, Taiwan, August 26-27, 2014

Experimental Investigation on Segregation of Binary Mixture of Solids by Continuous Liquid Fluidization
P. S. T. Sai and S. Narasimha Reddy

Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Groundwater by Continuous Electrocoagulation
Muftah H. El-Naas and Shaima S. Hamdan

Verification of GM2 Activator Protein for Potential Application as Lung Cancer Biomarker
Laddawan Potprommanee, Kongsak Boonyapranai, Busayamass Chewaskulyong, Shui-Tein Chen, and Lalida  Shank


2013 4th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications 
(CCEA 2013), Paris, France, October 12-13, 2013

Mathematical Analysis of Removal of Acidic Gases from Synthetic Waste Water Stream Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor and Comparison with Experimental Results
Ashutosh Rawat, Gunjan K Agrahari, Niharika Pandey and Prashant K Bhattacharya



Proliferative Capacity of in Vitro Corneal Epithelium: Role of Acacia Honey in the Initial Step of Wound Healing
Choy Ker-Woon, Norzana Abd Ghafar, Chua Kien Hui, Yasmin Anum Mohd Yusof and Ng Sook Luan


Heat Capacities of Aqueous Ternary Mixtures of 2-Amino-2-methyl-1,3-propanediol + Piperazine or Lithium Bromide

Rhedita Wanda Olivia, Rhoda B. Leron, and Meng-Hui Li


2012 3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications
(CCEA 2012), Hong Kong, October 27-28, 2012


Development of A Flat Dry-pH-Sensor for Skin Surface pH Measurement

Takuto Nagashima, Takashi Komeda, Hiroyuki Koyama, Shin-ichiroh Yamamoto and Tatsuhiko Yajima



Effect of Mesh Size variations on Glycerin Adsorption by Silica from Rice Husk Ash in Biodiesel Purification

Nisakorn Saengprachum and Somchai Pengprecha



Safety of children from lead in packaged snacks, fruit juices and distilled water marketed in Manila, Philippines

Judilynn N. Solidum


2011 2nd International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications
(CCEA 2011), November 25 - 26, 2011, Maldives

Enhanced Lead Ions Detection on Bacteria Modified Boron-doped Diamond Electrode
Chong Kwok Feng, Loh Kian Ping, Ting Yen Peng


Hatchery Production of Clark’s Clownfish, Amphiprion clarkii (Bennett, 1830) Using Brackishwater
Swagat Ghosh, T. T. Ajith Kumar, K. Nanthinidevi and T. Balasubrananian


Effects of Silicon, Calcium or Boron on Cell Growth and Lipid Accumulation in Pinnularia gibba var. Linearis                                                                                                                 
Zhiguo Ju, Lixiao Ding, Faxin Zheng, Qingna Zhang and Yuan Li


Treatment of Textile Wastewaters by Electrocoagulation Method
Ersin AYTAC and Umran TEZCAN UN


Pyrosequencing analysis of bacterial diversity of paddy soils under long term fertilizer  management practises
Seonmi Lee, Chauhan Puneet Singh, Woojong Yim and Tongmin Sa


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